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Name commonly used to refer to Michael Bay's Transformers, to denote the fact that Michael Bay's Transformers and real Transformers have somewhere between very little and nothing at all to do with one another and are two separate and distinct properties. For example, the original Transformers were a fun and entertaining series of TV shows, comic books, toys and an animated movie that inspired imaginations with their distinct, colorful, and recognizable characters. Bayformers, on the other hand, is a massive pile of overproduced steaming shit full of poorly designed "characters" that are either indistinguishable CGI clusterfucks or underwritten human actors representing ridiculous and asinine cliches, neither of which you give a crap about.
"Do you like the Transformers movie?"
"Yes. Unless of course you mean Bayformers, which was 2 hours of heinous eyeball rape. But the real Transformers film made in '86 was good."
by Ed Woody February 19, 2012
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Michael Bay's new movie, Transformers, is often called "Bayformers". This is because his movies suck so bad, and people coined the phrase to make fun of Bay's upcoming crap-ola fest.
"This film has a lot more going for it so far than the upcoming Bayformers."

"Bayformers is Michael Bay's new CGI and live action film"
by Davo A. February 06, 2007
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