A bay bay is a stupid phrase...who uses it anyway? Hurricane chris is just a poser rapper who got lucky.
by andii2 August 4, 2007
the worst rap song published in the 21st century. This song sets back the black rights movement by atleast 20 years.
by rastajamaica90 August 26, 2007
homie 1:oh homie G (add more generic urban slang)
homie 2:yes ma home dog
homie 1:look at that fine female
homie 2:hey lets make total asses of ourselves. ya down?
homie 1:sure
both homies together: a bay bay.
by obo da hobo August 2, 2007
the gayest shit to be played on the radio
Hurricane Chris acts like he's bad ass cuz he sings "a bay bay"
by JMan37 August 21, 2007
A Bay Bay is a song by Hurricane Chris. He makes it seem like this song is talking about a girl he's trying to "get wit" but he's actually talking to the dj.....
Gay or clever.....I say gay.
When I see a bad bit.. I'm hollerin out a bay bay...

A bay bay thats my song turn it up
by Timmie 2010 March 25, 2008
"A Bay Bay" Is An expression that someone uses non-provocatively when referring to a loved one. It can also be a pick up line to a young cutie, or use it to call a crush to someone you have known but have not had relations with, but have a good relationship with.

"Bay Bay" is an expression that can be used when a related family member is showing sentimental valued loved when comforting a younger relative of the same gender. IE ( "A Bay Bay, Did You Hit Anything At The Relay Today") This word and or phrase has been used in Louisiana since before 1986, I Know This Because I grew up in Springhill, LA
IE ( "A Bay Bay, Did You Hit Anything At The Relay Today")

Just Showing Some Love "A Babe"
by Kre Kre January 7, 2009
slang for hey baby; something that u say 2 show interest in a hot gurl in the club
made popular by the song A Bay Bay by Hirricane Chris
by urbpiejt June 22, 2007