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1. To exit a scene without anyone being aware of it

2. To jump down from higher ground and attack an unsuspecting individual or group thereby gaining the element of surprise in a fight
1. Friend #1: Man where did Zach go?
Friend #2: Yeah he was just here.
Friend #1: I think he just Batmanned us.

2. Anthony totally Batmanned Max with a Laser Sword in Halo 3
by Dark Mocha Frappachino June 20, 2008
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(Verb). To be set upon with terrifying force before you know what the hell hit you.
"I just got Batmanned and can't feel my legs."
"I just got Batmanned and now have severe internal bleeding."
by GraveRobber445 August 19, 2011
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To disappear into thin air like batman does.
Bob and Sally went to dinner. The check came. Sally looked towards bob, he was gone. "Crap! He batmanned again!"

Lisa told Bob she was pregnant. Time to Batman
by FluffyWilliam July 24, 2013
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1. To have someone disappear from you in a manner in which they can neither be seen nor heard. This often done when someone has been speaking looks away and finds that you are no longer in the area.

2. When someone uses their logic knowledge of your behavior/weaknesses and detective skills to either claim victory in a fight or obtain some sort of advantage over you
1. Harvey Dent: So how are you gonna get him back any
(sees Batman has left)

Jim Gordon: Yea he does that.

Harvey Dent has been Batmanned

2. Kenny:Steven I just hacked your I-phone.

Steven: How'd ou get my password

Kenny: I typed in your girlfriend Lexi's name

Steven: What the fuck

Kenny: You've been Batmanned
by SuperSaiyan5 May 12, 2012
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