Bad Data or Imperfect Beta Software made up by a municipal, county, state or federal government that leads to ultimate confusion.
If you don't understand this bata you can call up IT support....IT support will be disabled as it is deemed nonessential for the current pandemic we're facing.
by bits86 May 10, 2020
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- In English, it is literally translated as the law.
- a word you call someone when you think that they are being a self-proclaimed authority
Bakit pahara-hara ka sa daan? Batas ka ba?
by whatsername again? October 17, 2019
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A phrase used by douche bag whops after they think they have come up with an "intelligent" plan.
Yeah...I'll just wear a shirt made for toddlers so my biceps look yuge and bata bing bata boom, that bitch will be all over my nuts.
by Whateven July 24, 2010
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A Trent University student who spends most of their time outside the Bata steps talking about things that they pretend to feel, dreams they won't chase, and hoping that staying in school will never allow them to confront their failure to chase their dreams head on.
T: I really want to have my own place, go to grad school, and really live for myself. It's all other peoples' fault that I can't accomplish these things.

N: Trust me, grad school's great. It's alot of fun...wonderful. I dream of being a prof, or just having sway over other peoples' fertile young imaginations because someone torched mine so long ago that it'll render me thoughtless to how I treat others permanently. Academics is the place for me.

Geez, there's alot of Bata Bullshitters out today
by camdamily August 21, 2008
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baddah is amazing literally everyone loves her And needs her so much thank god she’s my best friend like wallah she’s the best you don’t even understand I feel bad for ppl who don’t have a baddah oh shit haram you don’t it’s okay let’s hope you find someone like baddah wow Mariam baddah is legit like unbelievably outstanding bro smallah her heart is gold I love her with all many heart my baby Mariam baddah like I said she’s so Wowowowow
She’s so amazing she must be a baddah specifically a Mariam

Her friends are so lucky WHATS her name? Oh she has to be named baddah

“I need me a baddah in my life” oh don’t we all

“She’s beautiful” she must be a good ass friend

Her friends call her bata cause she’s a quack queen she’s beautiful
by All ik is money February 13, 2019
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