bata ka is a phrase used by filipino moms when your being makulit (stuborn) or a phrase often used by PIA.
by jeonjungkook1997 November 05, 2018
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This name is given to kids that are normally very special, pretty high up on the spectrum. This gender is very crazy sometimes and quite dangerous if you approach them in the wrong way. In their Natural habitat, they put up one leg and start clapping and making clicking noises (just like the Africans). This is a way of their mating call. Once a Sam Bata is in a bad mood, he can start shouting "oof". This is a very bad situation, if within a 20-yard radius you will be ass fucked.
Normal person: hey sam
Sam : hey *clicks*
N P : okay

Sam : you mocking me???
N P :
Sam} : "OOF"

Boom pow, you're dead

Current definition: Sam bata is an alpha male ready for his next pray
by BruhGamer69 June 10, 2019
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Shortened version for saying; "I'm about to right now."

Also used to state that the individual using the phrase, is about to make some sort of move, take action, or do something that was already assumed by the present crowd.
Guy #1: "Yo, you see that chick go into the other room all alone?"

Guy #2: "OOoooooooohhh yeaaa. Im bata rana"


Guy #1: "Did you ever end up stopping at the ATM to get the cash you owe me?"

Guy #2: "Shit man, I totally forgot. I'm bata rana."
by Flowmack November 05, 2009
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World's greatest billiard player; comes from the country the Philippines
Man 1: Dude did you see Efren 'Bata' Reyes pull off that impossible cue stick trick?
Man 2: I know! That's some crazy shit man!
by Antonio October 30, 2006
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Leaders of leaders
They are Batas of their countries.
by 2Diem20 September 07, 2021
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it means this kid, that kid, or your a kid in tagalog.
"ur so dumb... bata ka.."


by iwannacri December 04, 2018
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