baddah is amazing literally everyone loves her And needs her so much thank god she’s my best friend like wallah she’s the best you don’t even understand I feel bad for ppl who don’t have a baddah oh shit haram you don’t it’s okay let’s hope you find someone like baddah wow Mariam baddah is legit like unbelievably outstanding bro smallah her heart is gold I love her with all many heart my baby Mariam baddah like I said she’s so Wowowowow
She’s so amazing she must be a baddah specifically a Mariam

Her friends are so lucky WHATS her name? Oh she has to be named baddah

“I need me a baddah in my life” oh don’t we all

“She’s beautiful” she must be a good ass friend

Her friends call her bata cause she’s a quack queen she’s beautiful
by All ik is money February 12, 2019
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