A very shallow and superficial person usually found with a cup of Starbucks.
Wow she is a real basic bitch.
by Thot banisher May 16, 2018
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White girls with names like amy, melanie, tracy, and juliet.
They wear uggs, drink starbucks and eat muffin tops.
by lapdances r us November 09, 2017
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Alex Truesdale. The most normal thing you can establish
He is so basic!
IKR He is extremely basic
by Kajazzle October 20, 2018
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Basic. Basic means so awesome mostly used for girls.Some Girls say it all the time. Basic things are things such as Starbucks,sushi,food,coffee.etc etc etc
Adrianna:let’s go get Starbucks
Hailey:Yas girl

by Glitterbaby23 May 18, 2018
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Teens from the late 90's and early 00's were notoriously known for writing cheats for math class into their massive turd shaped calculators using BASIC!
by Go finish your chores December 24, 2018
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