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Dutch name - shortened from Sebastiaan. Loving, caring person with a great sense of humor.
Everyone should have a Bas.
by hannibunny December 27, 2009
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Bitches. Aint. Shit.

A group of youthful teenagers who are known for their amazing ability at doing what they want, such as giving bitches purple dragons and fingering the po-po.
"whurrd you get your weed from?"
by T April 01, 2005
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"Burning anus syndrome." The feeling of a "ring fire" around the anus after a really bad diarrhea. Will cause the sufferer to walk bow legged for a couple of minutes. Symptoms can last for 5 to 10 minutes.
awww man i have BAS i shouldent have eaten all that cury.
by afrak August 06, 2008
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shortened from 'bastard'
"yir deid ya bas!"
by Snakeheid October 16, 2003
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(aka Burning Asshole Syndrom)

The 'sickness' expierenced in the bathroom while depositing feces in your toilet the morning after eating several spicy things. Causes of this disease are things such as Buffalo Wild Wings' Blazin Sauce and Dave's Insanity Sauce.
"dude those wings last night caused me to have serious B.A.S. this morning"
by nstalgicnaysaer April 27, 2006
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In the military, Basic Allowance for Subsistence. Once eligible for it, you get extra money in your paycheck to shop at the base commissary. The consumption of less-than standard dining facility food can be avoided this way.
I'm sick of this chow hall slop. I'm going to apply for B.A.S. and stick to nothing but Frosted Flakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
by Sylfaen December 03, 2003
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