Full of or characterized by energy and high spirits or lively is the right definition of peppy.
I'm really peppy for tonight, I hope everybody has as much fun as I'm having now.
by beniben November 25, 2009
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An amazing leader and highly loved dad among the whole of the universe. We thank you Peppy for educating us with your power, wisdom and fame and controlling us with your looks and
"What happened here?"
"Oh don't worry it was just Peppy"
"Lmao ok, I won't ask."

"Who is the best, highly famous, leader?"
by Definitely not Tink March 28, 2019
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Slang term for penis, mostly used for secret code, so noone knows wat your talking about.
Todd was getting his peppy pet.
Wow that peppy is large!
by Koolio3181 March 8, 2006
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Known as a GOAT or someone/something that isn't just good at most things, but great or greatest at most things.
Also a substitution of the n-word for people of caucasian decent.
Drew: That kid is a GOAT.
Jack: Nah, that kid is a peppie!

YG: My peppie my peppie, my mothafuckin peppie
by Pep Jesus September 30, 2019
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the creator of the addictive circle clicking rhythm game, osu!
person 1 : « do you know about osu? »
person 2 : « i only know about peppy. »
by xde0xys May 3, 2021
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peppie is a small dutch creature with a creepy always grinning face. 'Pff' and 'heh' are his favourites words and sex0r. also gay
peppie loves Rianne, Myra, Karen, Mirte his Mum + Demelza
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
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