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Barney Stinson
That guy's awesome
He's so awesome!
He's so awesome!
Oh so awesome!

This isn't Barney Stinson singing this song
That would be really lame
Just one of the many admirers to
Think that guy's awesome
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Awesome awesome awesome...

He is from Awesometown...
Whenever I'm sad, I just stop being sad and be awesome instead!
True story. - Barney Stinson on being sad.
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Barney Stinson is a handsome and available Renaissance man best known for blowing up the blogosphere with Barney plays 83 different musical instruments, holds the record for the most weight ever calf-pressed, has flown a fighter jet around the world blindfolded, ranks first in the world in laser tag and good looks, invented that chariot thing for crippled dogs, and currently serves on the board of a Fortune 500 company, which is why he probably won't return your calls.
Praise For Barney Stinson - from the ladies:

''Stinson sure knows how to use his pen.'' -Lisa, Shared a Cab

''It's a little rough in the beginning, but once you see all the magnificence packed inside, you won't ever want to put it down.'' -Katie, Lost Tourist

''I'll be honest - I was a little worried when I saw the length, but don't worry - it'll grow on you.'' -Carolyn...Carol?, Met Outside Yoga
by Koning Erik August 02, 2010
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