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A term used to describe brown underware issued by the US Army, that fits similiar to bloomers. (they fit in the waist but the underware are so long you can tuck your niples in them)
We are going to the field tomorrow, make sure you pack your Barnett's.
by Jayfrizzlay May 22, 2008
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A family that was originated in Crosspool, Sheffield. The family is well known around the streets of Sheffield.

They have nicknames such as 'Dransfield Road Wonders', 'The Barnett package' and more.
The known family includes the parents Johnathan and Joanna along with there 2 very special sons, Samuel (The more nerdy one) And Matthew (Stem - The more depressive Emo one).

Close friends usually mock the son Matthew for being such a dopey chuff. These friends vary from Sam Whelan to Lawrence Snowden.
"Hey guys, i saw the Barnetts today"
"Aw, nice one. Was Sam there?"
"Yeah, all 4 of them"
by niktA maS July 29, 2009
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