A word used to describe someone who is really cool. Usually calling somebody this means they consist of legendary material.
OMG, that guy is SO Ollie Barnard! I wish I was him, he's SO cool!!!
by Randomer9999999 November 14, 2008
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1.) An overhyped douche who hosts a Morning Show on a Minneapolis classic rock station. Has neo-con POVs yet is an Atheist, causing him to have a lot of self issues. For some reason Twin Citians like to listen to his Liberal bashing bile even though Minnesota has been wisely a blue state for the past 30+ years. In 2000, the funny voice guy, Tony Lee, left the show, thus causing Barnyard's show to be even less funny, with "comedy" bits that geared more towards Fascist propaganda.

2.) To be really rich and wish that all poor people be deported so you don't have to give to charity.

3.) To be a pig (physically or metaphoricaly) and still be popullar.
1.) Tom Beranard said on the radio today that we should vote for Huckabee, than declared that god doesn't exist. After that he went on a rant about how poor people should be kicked out of clinics if they don't have insurance so he wouldn't have to wait so long for his appointment, because he more important.

2.) George Steinbreiner pulled a Tom Barnard at church when the collection plate came to him, and he dumped all the money down his shirt.

3.) Quit being such a Tom Barnard and learn that people with other skin colors, and sexual preferences are human too. And for Pete's sake start working out, you look like a Tom Barnard.
by Patriotic Leftie January 28, 2008
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To get your eyes tested
My vision is a bit blurry, I'm just going to drive to Barnard Castle
by BarkingMonkey May 26, 2020
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Barnard College of Columbia University in the City of New York is the gayest school you'll ever go to. If you aren't gay when you arrive, you'll be at least a little gay by the time you leave. Barnard women are well educated, polished, confident, and badass and they WILL fight you if you aren't a feminist. Barnard girls come in all shapes and sizes, creeds and colors, sexualities and backgrounds, and from all corners of the world. They are compassionate, brave, and engaged, and the small community Barnard has to offer forges a true sisterhood between all Barnard students. Barnard students attend Columbia classes, eat in Columbia dining halls, live in Columbia dorms, and graduate with Columbia University diplomas. So yes, they do go to Columbia University.
If you're looking for bold, beautiful women, look no further than Barnard College in New York City!
by thatbarnardbitch March 4, 2019
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we are rich, beautiful, fashionable and incredibly sexy! we make the upper west side worth going to, we make men pray that they can get into Columbia University, and we make the Columbia College girls wish they had stayed home. we wear shoes that cost more than your house, and carry bags worth more than your life. we celebrate our celebrity alums Martha Stewart, Joan Rivers, Cyntha Nixon, and many many more! We are the best the brightest and the best looking, if you want to rule the world GO TO BARNARD!
I wish I could be a Barnard Woman!
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One of the most popular local radio personalities in the country, so much that he is the main reason that Howard Stern pulled his radio show from the Twin Cities market. He is noted for being the leader of the KQ Morning Show and his voice-over acting, most recently for Home Depot. He isn't afraid to call a fool a fool, even if that person is a minority. People that don't listen to his morning show are known for listening to the overrated (KDWB), overly-cheery (KS95), poser badass/burnout (93X) garbage that every other TC station puts out on weekday mornings. People that complain about his show are hyper-sensitive bleeding hearts that can go listen to the pretentious, stuck-up garbage on MPR anytime.
Tom Barnard's KQ morning show is the best ever, even though the station's music isn't always my favorite.
by jarshrawb April 29, 2009
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Stuck-up over achievers who go to one of the most prestigious institutions, Barnard College.
OMG, she's wearing a Chanel jacket? What a Barnard Bitch!!!
by Parson's Girl November 11, 2010
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