Barnard College of Columbia University in the City of New York is the gayest school you'll ever go to. If you aren't gay when you arrive, you'll be at least a little gay by the time you leave. Barnard women are well educated, polished, confident, and badass and they WILL fight you if you aren't a feminist. Barnard girls come in all shapes and sizes, creeds and colors, sexualities and backgrounds, and from all corners of the world. They are compassionate, brave, and engaged, and the small community Barnard has to offer forges a true sisterhood between all Barnard students. Barnard students attend Columbia classes, eat in Columbia dining halls, live in Columbia dorms, and graduate with Columbia University diplomas. So yes, they do go to Columbia University.
If you're looking for bold, beautiful women, look no further than Barnard College in New York City!
by thatbarnardbitch March 4, 2019
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we are rich, beautiful, fashionable and incredibly sexy! we make the upper west side worth going to, we make men pray that they can get into Columbia University, and we make the Columbia College girls wish they had stayed home. we wear shoes that cost more than your house, and carry bags worth more than your life. we celebrate our celebrity alums Martha Stewart, Joan Rivers, Cyntha Nixon, and many many more! We are the best the brightest and the best looking, if you want to rule the world GO TO BARNARD!
I wish I could be a Barnard Woman!
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