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The father of Raditz and Goku (Kakarot). Bardock shares Goku's aptitude for battle and limitless capacity, despite being a "low-level" soldier. Bardock's wife is never referenced or mentioned in any of the dragonball movies or series. His name is a pun on the burdock herb.

Bardock gains psychic powers from a planet where he and his crew recently eradicated an entire race. The last survivor gives the power to his him as a gift so that he can see his son's future, and the fate of his planet and himself. He sees visions of his son growing up to be a good person, planet Vegeta being destroyed, and Goku defeating Frieza.

# Goku (Son)
# Raditz (Son)
# Chi-Chi (Daughter in Law) Ox-King (Brother-In-law)
# Gohan (Grandson)
# Goten (Grandson)
# Videl (Granddaughter-in-law)
# Pan (Great-granddaughter)
# Goku Jr. (Great-great-great-grandson)
Bardock claims that he can remember his actions in his Great Ape form.

Bardock is one of the few saiyans to have gone to outer space and breathe normally, while fighting Frieza and his men.

In the Budokai Tenkaichi games, if Bardock fights Dodoria, Zarbon or Cooler, he states "I'll take you down and then Frieza!".

# It is likely that Bardock was the most powerful lower-class Saiyan soldier of his time. Near the time of his death, Bardock was rumored to have a power level of nearly 10,000, which is said to rival that of King Vegeta.

* This is backed by his ability to defeat Dodoria's Elite, despite being outnumbered 4-1, as well as surviving Dodoria's Mouth Energy Wave. Later on, the heavily-wounded Bardock fights through hundreds of Frieza's troops, on his own, in an effort to reach Frieza's ship. The power levels of the soldiers were not revealed.

Bardock was alive during the Saiyan-Tuffle war, which took place from Age 720 to about Age 730, and likely fought in it.
by kyle.biddle January 11, 2011
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Everyone:Hooray,everyone give praise to our new violent saviour!!! Dobu dores dobu dores-
Bardock:No,none of that, shame on you.
by Urban Kuriboh June 26, 2018
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To viciously ram your knee into an enemy's posterior.

The ultimate Corn-dog.
If you don't shut up, I'm gonna bardock you so hard you'll have to crap standing up.


im abouts to bardock someone
by Dragonflyvonn November 14, 2008
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