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Baranowski: (noun)1. a unit of measure when referring to large weights or objects with very large mass, width, volume, or circumference; this term is used to reduce the quantity of measure, for example an opening 50 foot wide could be referenced as an opening 2.34 Baranowskis wide or; a 10,000 gallon water tank would be referred to as a 12.7 Baranowski water tank. The term Baranowski is most commonly used in the construction industry. If a crew were placing 80 cubic yards of concrete it would be converted to placing 7.48 Baranowskis of concrete. A Baranowski can also be used to indicate the weight handling ability of construction equipment: an 80 ton crane would be called a 32.74 Baranowski crane. 2. A ditch shitter, a person who, while running PT, stops to defecate in a ditch while he is within sight of a port-a-jon.
that truck weighs 1.3 baranowskis
by cb2013 January 23, 2013
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