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People who live in Louisdale, Nova Scotia who are loud, nosey, have french accents, and say there.... alot. They also like guns.
Those damn baracos shot all the deer.
by leafsfan2009cup August 16, 2008
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I'm from Colombia, South America and for us it is a curse word that means all things bad...bastard, ass ~ when someone is being rough and mean.
Yo estaba con mis amigos y este baraco Carlos levanto mi falda (I was with my friends in public and this baraco Carlos raised up my skirt)
by Lijia November 14, 2009
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Baraco, spelt "barachois" is a term used in Atlantic Canada to describe a coastal lagoon separated from the ocean by a sand bar. Louisdale residents have been called Baracos by other communities. It does have a derogatory slant to it. They are family and community oriented, perhaps inclusive. "They stick together."

Yes, they love their ATVs, hunting and having fun. They work very hard and play hard too. There is nothing wrong with that.
Louisdale Nova Scotia, is in Acadia, originally settled by the French, then Scotts centuries ago. People here primarily speak English and many are bilingual. Working hard is very important to them.

They have 3 small option homes here, accepting people with disabilities that other communities have not.

I am new here from out of province. I have been approached by community members to visit, as I may need help one day. They join together to help community. The town and properties are very tidy.

Being a Baraco ("barachois"), a Louisdaler, is something I have translated into meaning a strong, clean, tight and committed community where they like to hunt and play.
by Lady from Away March 31, 2011
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