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A young professional who looks and acts many years beyond their tender age. Usually sucking all the fun out of situations which involve banter, good chat, LAD Soc, jokes, repartee, and tomfoolery in a fashion that can be compared to that of a fire safety blanket. Office work may also require this individual to become a social hermit at certain times of year. A receding hair line is a prerequisite for this title.
" Is Robert out tonight? "

" No he is being a banter blanket again! "

" Shlad "
by lentonANDdunkirkSOC April 01, 2010
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A person who smothers fun.

Likened to a fire blanket due to its ability to extinguish fun by asphyxiating it at an early stage.
Person A: Hey team, shall we do an almost naked calendar for charity?
Person B: Hell yeh, I love getting my slong out.
Person C: Yeh everyone will buy it to see hingers!
Banter Blanket: No, absolutely not, we're not doing that.
by Stewie B April 02, 2010
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