Pre-ban panic caused when politicians attempt to ban certain types of firearms. Often leads to hoarding, short supply and price-gouging (See also posthooker).
"The Banic cleared every AR, AK and SKS off the shelves. There was no ammo for 6 months. These were dark times, my son.
by Wolfpackindustries June 16, 2013
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It’s a spinning back fist but with a large cock or strap on
Omg Jon Jones just landed a BANIC SLAP ,that’s it ,it hurt em ,it’s allll over - in joe Rogan voice
by CatsmasherTim August 05, 2018
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When a woman (often native) has the big cupcake like body, and flat ass (basically a crack in their back). Looks like a marshmallow with toothpick legs.
"damn Alexia, did you see that elder at the gas station today? she had mad banic butt"
by melchild February 13, 2018
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The act of sucking dick for cocaine, usually by a cokewhore named tiana

Hide your kids hide your wives hide your husbands she’s stealing everyone’s blow
Banic is a cokehead
by Gordo2 August 15, 2019
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