to be tired from having too much sex
man- i'm ready for more of your sweet pussy
woman- i'm can't. i'm banged out
by snoochy April 3, 2005
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Getting banged out: a car dealer term: getting taken for a ride..taking money from a customer...
Bobby just got banged out at the dealer and had to pay extra..
by mary April 6, 2005
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When two people are having sex but not admitting they are in a relationship.
Girl 1: Hey ho, what did you do this weekend?
Girl 2: Hung out with a guy friend.
Girl 1: I didn't know you had a new boyfriend?
Girl 2: Oh, no he's not my boyfriend, we are just hanging out.
Girl 1: Hahah I see, Are yall hanging out, or are yall banging out?
Girl 2: hahahah i guess we are banging out.
by IndustraWorks November 23, 2009
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1.A term used mostly by heterosexual males to describe engaging in sexual intercourse with a female or multiple females.
2.A term used to describe doing something quickly.
1.I'm gonna get drunk and bang out Jessica tonight.
2.I gotta bang out a term paper tonight.
by Paul December 29, 2005
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Bang out: To be a massive try hard at one particular aspect. Often coming along side being a teacher pet and/or a neek. Usually used as banter between friends
Definiton: 'You actually did the spanish homework, you absolute bang out.'
by Beccabarden123 November 22, 2016
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1. to fuck a girl so hard shes worn out
2. to stomp someone out or beat them badly.
1. Imma bang out that girl tonight.
2. That kids a pussy I m gonna bang him out!
by Alz February 27, 2005
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