The act of concealing one's erection by tucking it under the elastic waistband of their undergarment.
Dude, I popped a serious boner in class right before the bell rang. I had to pull an elastic bandstand before I stood up to leave so no one would see my flagpole
by Dr. Thaddeus November 19, 2014
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Someone who spends their whole day drinking/skateboarding/ or eating icecream at the bandstand pavillian in hull MA. They will never leave and are always there. forever.
look at those kids eating icecream drinking and skateboarding over there, they never leave the bandstands!

that's because they are bandstand rats.
by hullh8ter July 24, 2011
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The act of Tromboning, performed on a raised, open-sided podium in a park or other public space.
"How was your afternoon in the park?"

"It was fun. We played on the swings, fed the ducks, and watched a couple Bandstanding while we ate our sandwiches."
by Jobjxxx May 22, 2019
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