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Marijuana joint laced with cocaine
"Shiiiiit fooooool... That banano joint was f**king awesome"
by PUB January 19, 2004
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A Bannano is a bright yellow round fruit, that is a mixture of both a banana and a potato. One side is hard the other is mushy. When you eat the mushy bit it tastes like chips, but when you eat the hard side it tastes like banana. When it goes mouldy it goes bright green. When you boil the entire fruit it tastes like bannofee pie, but it turns the water purple.
Sam- YO Georgia, would you like a BANANO?

Georgia- Does it bring all the boys to the yard?

Sam- Indeed.

Georgia- *proceeds to eat the banano*
by bootsissupercoolwithdora March 13, 2012
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female version of a pineapple, usually extremely ripe. Very good with the guyzz
Usually referred to as a "baban"
What do you have for lunch today? I have some bananos!
Maybe if I was a banano, I would finally find me a husband
What a cute lil baban
by mylasagnafell February 02, 2017
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