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Passing out far too early in Las Vegas or a comparable party scene (i.e. Mardi Gras) and having a precisely peeled banana skin draped skillfully across the face of said passer-outer as a consequence for failing miserably at holding one's shit together for a respectable amount of time. An effectively executed banana-face often results in years of humiliation and disgrace with redemption only coming for the banana-facee when the exacts revenge on his perpetrators.
Vegas leaves people bananafaced.

On you're way over can you pick up some red bull, ice and some bananas so we can bananaface Todd later?

Yo, this fucker is getting bananafaced.

Mark's cousin looks about 45 minutes away from a bananaface.

I think I'm gonna pass on this shot guys as I believe it will lead to me getting bananafaced.

Is it possible to give you all 20 bucks so as to not get inevitably bananafaced tonight?

So in Puerto Rico is it called a plantainface?

For some reason I just feel like I'm gonna wake up with a bananaface.

This guy needs a fucking bananaface to teach him a lesson.

Yo Gary, get the banana ready this fag is doneskies.

I'm scared the bananaface is gonna suffocate him.
by Tommy Hanasticks January 24, 2010
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Someone who has a face covered in freckles, giving the appearance of a ripe banana skin.
Dave: God, Lindsay Lohan is so hot
Stuart: Ew! she's a banana face!
Dave: What do you mean?
Stuart: She's covered in freckles, you must have a Freckle fetish
by Mentirosa August 06, 2011
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When someone has a prominent chin that gives the face a concave, banana-like appearance.

This quality can be considered unattractive and mannish in women.

It is the impediment of many male-to female transgender people, who often seek out facial reconstruction surgery to reduce the size of their chins.

It can be made less obvious by only taking selfies with the face pointed directly at the camera.
Sarah has a horrible case of banana face.
by Urine Corporation February 11, 2017
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A bananaface is a guy who asks you to the prom, and then ditches you AFTER you bought the dress, to go with another girl.
That Michael kid is a bananaface. He deserved to break his arm stepping out of the hot tub.
by Miss Delaney March 30, 2005
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A chinese that is seemingly unable to speak to write in chinese, giving the appearance of a banana (yellow on the outside white on the inside) but is actually, really, just another chinese.

Characteristics include but not limited to :
1. Bougie appearance (may or may not actually be)
2. Speaks only English even though proficient in other languages

3. Exceptionally friendly with everyone (relative to Chinese counterparts)
Damn this girl a banana face, we be speaking chinese the whole time but she be pretending.
by Treeleggedchair April 23, 2019
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