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Baluch people are an ethnicity living in Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. You'll find them as citizens in the Gulf too.

Known for their bravery, boldness, and guns, you wouldn't want to get in trouble with one. They love their SUVs, and drive Land Cruisers, Jeeps, and Land Rovers around town. They love sitting on the floor smoking their chileem (hookah), and you can even find the ladies of the house smoking. They're the best people to have a conversation with, because they can be hilarious. They love to drink chai, liquor, and whiskey. They love football. They eat BBQ-style every night.

Baluch people are incredibly loyal as friends, and will get you through any situation with their cleverness. They are usually tall, have eyes of every color, black/ brown hair, and skin that is fair to tanned. They are known for their Greek noses, and their sexy thick eyebrows (which are usually arched). The women are known to have amazing hip bones, and have beautiful cultural dresses and jewelry. Every Baluch guy you'll ever meet will have an amazing beard.

They come from tribal origins, roaming the deserts on horses with long swords and turbans. That's why they don't back down from a fight today. Before that, Baluch people lived near the Caspian Sea. That's why their language is more closely related to Kurdish than Persian. The language is amazing because you can't understand a word, even if you speak Persian or Urdu. Get to one of these rare beauties soon.
You: Is that chick Shirin a Baluch?
Your friend: Yeah, but don't even try man. Her brothers would beat you up to a pulp.
by Dazgohar November 17, 2017
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A group of Indo-Iranian people who primarily live in Western Balochistan (Iran) and Eastern Balochistan (Pakistan). They speak Baluchi, a language, that borrows vocabulary from Farsi but is very similar to Kurdish. In fact, it is argued that Baluch are descendants of the Kurds. Baluch people in both regions consists of being Sunni-muslims. The Baluch of Iran are NOT Persians despite the fact that many of them speak Farsi as a second language nor will they identify themselves as so (keep in mind that all Persians are Iranian but not all Iranian are Persians.) Baluch people vary in looks with some being light skinned and others being extremely dark skinned. Even though there are millions of Baluchi's, some of them have left their hometowns and settled elsewhere as they are systematically killed and oppressed by the governments of both countries. Baluchestan/ Balochistan are areas that are rich in natural resources, especially with respect to oil.
Person A: You're from Iran, so you're Persian?
Baluch Person: No, I am Baluchi.

Person B: What part of Pakistan are you from? Punjab?
Baluch Person: I'm a Baluch from Balochistan
by Baluch123 June 26, 2017
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