To juggle balls is like to kiss ass, brown nose, or suck up but is more intense and elaborate because of the many styles and techniques.

Ball juggling is common from students to teachers or empoyees to employers. This term nearly always applies to males, and commonly English teachers.

Ball juggling is more dangerous than ass kissing because once you start the target must be satisfied or they will be left with blue balls which will infuriate them.

Examples include:
The 'over-friendly juggle' makes the teacher feel warm and welcome. A greeting such as "hey bro" or a remark such as "good job man". This style makes the teacher more susceptible to other forms of ball juggling.

The 'side kick juggle' is where one assists the teacher.

The 'expression juggle' where while the teacher speaks the juggler gazes into their eyes and nods their head, reacting with different facial expressions to the story and gestures.

The 'thief juggle' where one snatches the ball in mid-air and juggles it themselves.

The "sparknotes juggle" is where one uses another source of information to impress the teacher.

The 'complementary juggle' is a subtle technique, a firm "good job sir", or "what insight" is the basis of this form.
More examples of ball juggling techniques are:

The 'positive comments juggle', a quick "nice tie today sir", followed by "I can't wait for class to start" is a fool-proof way to achieve ejaculation during jugglage later on.

The 'enthusiasm juggle' when one says something mundane, boring, and work-related with so much passion the teacher ejaculates forcefully.

The 'solo juggle', where one person hogs the balls and refuses to share.

The 'passing juggle', where one person continues the juggle of another person.

The 'hot potato' is where one only holds the ball for a short time, just saying a word or two at a time, quickly passing.

The 'backstage juggle' is out of the classroom or formal area.

The 'intimate juggle' is not necessarily sexual, but is one-on-one in private. This is one of the most intense and effective forms of juggling.

The 'public display of juggling' is where one juggles infront of an audience.

The 'thesaurus juggle' is where on uses overly complicated words to add extra potency to the juggling.

The 'apologetic juggle' is where one juggles the balls with sincerity and kindness, a comment such as "Oh my god, I'm so sorry sir", is typical of this techique.

The 'tribute juggle' where one gifts coffee, or another form of tribute as a sign of worship.
by My penis is named Gilbert October 28, 2009
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It is simply the greatest come back known to man. Can be used at any time, in any argument .
You sir are in fact a Ball Juggling Thunder Cunt, point blank, plain and simple, that's all there is to it.
by SrSlothsAlot July 18, 2014
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A man that loves the balls and cock so much that they are a ball juggler and cock monger at the same time.
by ghost19 February 09, 2009
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This abomination is an individual who has three arms. With its extremely devious sex fetishes, the Three-armed Ball Juggling Cock Stroker is not something you see every day. You wouldn't want to see one anyways, unless your gay or a chick. The Three-armed Ball Juggling Cock Stroker uses three arms at a time on a mans genitalia. He simultaneously juggles the balls of its victim while stroking its cock with its rough, leathery palms. Victims often suffer extreme cases of PTSD, or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and must be sent in for psycho evaluation.
The Three-armed Ball Juggling Cock Stroker jumped on its victim and juggled his balls so hard, they wrapped around his cock and got punched with every stroke of the monsters mighty fist upon his cock. This man required amputation of cock and balls, and extreme psycho treatment. His friends and family say he was never the same man again.
by Kike-O October 14, 2009
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To "talk to", "see", "hook-up with" or date multiple guys on a regular basis, usually without them knowing. Similar to being a player or a pimp. Basically it's just guys getting a taste of their own medicine. Can also be used to describe having multiple booty calls. This phrase dates back to the Summer of 2003 when a wise woman named Kreiny said to me..."we're too good for this; we need to stop focusing on one asshole and start juggling some balls".
I was only hooking up w/G but he was dicking me around so I decided to throw a couple more guys in the mix. Now I'm juggling balls.
by PB/SB Pimpsters July 06, 2004
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The act of sexual desire to the ball region, leaving the man with a hard on.
"hey you want a ball juggling boner experience, I'm the best in town."
by Assfucker123 December 04, 2016
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