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Ball High School (AKA: Balls High School;BHS) is a VERY shitty school located in the dismal island of Galveston (Or, G-town as students attending BHS commonly say.) The education is deplorable. You either love BHS, or hate it. The nerds go to T-Stem, A special program that BHS says is for the smart people, but in truth, there are tons of idiots, as many as in normal Ball. The Ghetto people attend normal Ball. The dropout rate is around 20%. You can get some pretty good food at BHS. BHS is the prime place to see a wonderful fight, which typically occur around once a day, if not more. There's a rumor that UFC fighters come to train here. Most people sleep around frequently. Almost everyone has horrible taste in clothes, mostly coming from the cheap store "Rainbow". Personally, as a student, I LOVE ball high! It's great for one thing, and one thing only: the social aspect! It'd just be nice to have some form of education but otherwise, I love this school!
Ball High Tors baby <3! KIT! (Keepin' it trill)
by BHSBABY:) September 13, 2011
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oh biznitches, lemme tell ya sometin. ball high is da shizznitt. wes got the most excellentest lernin facialities and weze be lerrrned up in this bitch. ya herd meh. herrrrrrrrrrr. peace out nigga bitches.
"oh my shizbitch you go to ball hizzle"

"damn straight dawg i be lernizzlin some shiznizzle"
by the_crumpest_biznitch_eva April 04, 2005
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mann this shit is tight yo mann i went therre fo lik 2 yearrs and i was lik dammmmnnnnnn i looooovvvvveeeee this schhool. I love all the wet-backs and the wiggers and the and those loud bitchez they make a bad day funnie. lol but this skool dont got no kinda good teachers in this hoe all they do is sit at their desks and get on their computers. mann imma fail and work at wendy but if i kno u u kno imma be hookin yall up ya heerrrrddddd me
mann i wanna go to ball high..........i dont think u should u not gonna learn nothing.
by the funniest wigger September 23, 2009
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A place filled with a lot of black people and wiggers, stoners and preps, spooky kids and jocks, and everything else in between. Sex in the hallway is not unusual, nor the not-so-occasional "I'll fuck you up, nigga!" shouted at random intervals in the hallways.
The county in which Ball High is located is consistent for their rate of reported STD's. Which also happens to be the highest in the state of Texas. Use protection please, but don't fill it up with water and throw it in the hallway. Or stick it in my friend's mouth. kthx.
Ball High is located in shitty Galveston, Texas, about 45 minutes south of Houston. Ball High is also quite sucky at sports.
"What school do you go to?"
"Ball High, nigga."
"Oh, that ghetto-ass stoner school?! That's tizite, yo. Off the chain!!!!"
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Ball High Is the most amazing school in the world ! and thats a bet. There fights and Lockdown , bomb threats , and other crazy stuff, but that like all the other schools to, But we just make it fun. The people here are amazing and funny but don't get on there bad side becuase they do fight. Ther teacher here there pretty cool I think the best teaher in the world for putting up with the students ! .Its in a beatuful getto Island. Were known for foot ball ! And for all you bitches that hating do yu go to school on an island bitch ?!?
" You go to Ball High ? "

" Youl lucky bitch ?"
by Whatthenhoe September 25, 2009
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The only public highschool on Galveston Island. It was rated 1016 out of the best 1300 schools in the nation even though its a very shitty school. The blacks and mexicans rule the school and give it its shitty rep. There are fights, shootings, stabbings, and bomb-threats everyday. There are no rules because the blacks and mexicans disobey every one which allows the white kids to disobey them also because all the teachers are too scared to stop the students. Almost everyone that goes to G-Ball is either ghetto as hell, or wants to be ghetto as hell. The white kids learn real fast not to fuck with the majorities because they will kill any white kid who talks shit. All G-Ball's football players are stupid as hell and can't play a full season w/o failing, and they're the reason they suck at football.
White mom: So how was school today?

White Ball High student: Boring. We only had four fights where three kids went to the ER because of pepper spray, and a lock-down because some bloods had a gun in the school looking for crips.
by a ball high student July 28, 2008
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Shorts or pants with a "sack-invading" inseam.
Oh my God! Look at Ozzie's "ball-highs!"
by In Trouble February 21, 2005
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