An Incredibly Scottish mini-mod who was the creator of the FNG Sims Group.

He is also a ratio merchant and is an excellent Junior Mod, and one day will be a great mod for the TheOfficialFNG Discord Server soon.

-Balistic, June 30, 2021, after he ratioed someone complaining about ratios
by FreshTrimNiranIsLife July 11, 2021
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being shot so as to improve one's attitude.
John is being a jerk. He could use some balistic therapy.
by Kaleb H November 29, 2007
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Is junk food that is launched like a balistic. It was another thing Squidward had launched at him by Spongebob on the show "spongebob Squarepants"
by Bing Ordanate September 18, 2009
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my dad was being a crabass and went balistic on me for not doing the dishes.
by goawaypls February 16, 2021
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