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To smoke someone's weed or be smoked out, and leave right after
"Where'd Jake go? I thought you guys said you were gonna blaze?"

"We did, but then he pulled a Bake and Flake"
by Bryan Sanson January 25, 2008
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when you get high and then flake on someone you made plans with. Can be reversed and used as "Flake and Bake" at which point you flake on someone and then get high.

in some rare instances one could use the term "Bake and Flake" when one is going to get high and then scrape/flake paint off of a building or whatever.
I was gonna go kick it with "the GF" but then I got high. Classic Bake and Flake.

I don't feel like picking Cracky up at the airport. Sorry bro, time to smoke some herb instead... I don't flake and bake often, but Cracky would understand.
by abbycdiddy September 30, 2009
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