A phrase used by males to call after a female; often to let a girl know that she is generally very attractive and that he wants to engage in conversation and eventually obtain her cellular number. as in the actual song, "a bay bay" rapped by Hurricane Chris (can be heard on imeem.com), 'a bay bay' is yelled out in a club, mall, or any public area where a female with a big ass is present.
Bill: There go a fine ass female, yo.
George: If I was you I'd holla at her fo' a good minute.
Bill: Ok.
George: Good luck.
Bill: A BAY BAY!!
(female walks over)
by 12376 June 30, 2007
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The Bay Area California! Any city's by the water that are steady getting taller.
Were you from! I'm the 'the bay' man!
by Surebimmer June 19, 2005
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That one woman you care so much about. Only she can be Bay Bay. There’s no other like her. Yes she sometimes gets on your nerves but she’s worth it. When she’s upset you better watch out because she doesn’t pull punches. She’s the most beautiful woman you’ll ever come across in life. From the first moment you lay eyes on her your whole entire world will change for the better. She spends all her time working and with her family but she always calls you on her break time because you mean something to her. When you get yourself a Bay Bay don’t ever let her go. Treat her right and always respect her because she’s a Queen. Always support her because she’s focused on accomplishing all her goals and overcoming the obstacles in her way. Be her peace, be her safe space. Love her with your all. Always be her honey.
Darshani is Bay Bay.

Good Morning Bay Bay.

Hey Bay Bay did you have your medium coffee?
by I Am Honey November 19, 2021
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An Inlet of the Sea or other Body of Water.
It'd Be fun if the Bay was close by Us.
by Mr. Baby Boys Blue November 15, 2014
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The San Francisco Bay Area; a diverse and largely liberal area spanning the Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma counties. Includes San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose, and Oakland. Also referred to as "The Yay" or "The Yay Area," in some slang.
"Where in the Bay are you from?"
"I'm from Berkeley, man."
"Oh, a hippie!"
by xhannahx August 25, 2007
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Noun; Sometimes this is just the better way to say “baby”.

Not to be confused with the more extravagant, baddie term; “baybee
Wowie that cat is such a cutie
“Yes. He is bay be”
by BrigieBridge December 2, 2020
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