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1) Bahoo is a word that can mean anything you want it to mean. It can be improvised and put in sentences instead of using words everybody knows. Usually used as an insult.

2) Bahoo means anyone that isnt a normal American, or in otherwords anyone that has any kind of obvious foreign desendt.
1) I have to go do my bahoo homework!, This car looks pretty bahoo., Holy Bahooness!, etc

2) Look at those bahoos! Stupid bahoo. What a bahoo! Where did all these bahoos come from? etc
by The Bahoo King March 11, 2004
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bahoo is an organic chemical compound that is mobile and flammable. It is very well known and most used compound and well loved compound in organic chemistry. It is named after the great bahoo, who destroyed his third ochem test.
Pyun: Well with my laser pointer let me teach you Ochem, over her you can see the Bahoo compound.
by Bahooistheman November 21, 2007
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Bahoo is basically a word that you can use to point at people and say to them if they look like a fool! Pronounced Ba-oo with a silent h! You can also use words like Bowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww or Whoooooooooooooooo whilst pointing at the idiot!
Bowwwwwwww look at you your dying!
by Liam January 07, 2004
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