To describe a situation in wich it is extremely dark. Pitch black.
"Dam Geena, its darker than a bag of assholes in here! turn the light on!"
by spotty Mcgee January 23, 2006
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1. "Smashed Bag of Assholes" is phrase used in a figurative manner to describe something that is disgusting as fuck, such as crumpled up paper bag full of prolapsed anuses.

2. This phrase is sometimes used to describe a location containing ignorant people.
Girl: Like my new dress? I thought of you when I bought it!
Guy: You look like a smashed bag of assholes. Now get your bitch ass out of my face.

Dude: That bar was a smashed bag of assholes.
Some other dude: It certainly was. Onto the next one!
by 4tuna August 24, 2014
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Less attractive than ugly. Smack you in your face ugly. Make you wonder why ugly. When someone just takes ugly to a whole new level.
by New York Stacey June 13, 2019
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term used to describe an extreme hangover or other state of ill health.
" how was last night?"
" it was crazy, but i feel like a bag of smashed assholes today."
by ffejtable December 11, 2006
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a visual reference used when describing something very ugly
Geez, have you seen Brian's date? She's uglier than a bag of mashed assholes.
by Dallas "Big D" September 9, 2008
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