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Ball-Cleavage; interscrotal cleft; when you smoosh your balls together to impress your lady
Those are some short shorts, bro has some bag swag going on
by Arbbunny April 04, 2015
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people who wear backpacks around to add to the look and swag of their outfit

wearing a bag when it is not usually necessary but it looks good

you can not have a big backpack, if you look bad in bag swag then don't even try to pull it off
wearing a backpack to a concert or around in public when it is not needed people will tell you that you have bag swag
by TheBagSwagger August 07, 2011
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when you bagged a male or a female last night and the carryover swag from it causes you to bag again the next evening and or through the whole weekend
nick took down that girl from the bar last night and said he drank ass, yeah he has the bag swag going on all weekend
by jt87 May 06, 2018
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