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The word used to describe the tickling of an armpit. Usually you tickle more than once so its more commonly known as badeep badeep badeep.
Nick: Badeep! Badeep! Badeep!

Kori: Nick stop tickling my armpits<3!
by PoopedNick April 20, 2009
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A euphamism for a meaningless, randomly constructed, excrutiatingly slow-paced and circular diatribe meant to take up space when, in mid conversation, the speaker realizes that he doesn't have the vocabulary, mental agility, experience or knowledge to complete his original thought - but desperately needs to appear in control and in the know . See "mental filibuster."
Comment: "Ah, yes, precisely, we realize know...the most important, by far, factor in...ah...determining....well, we really just need to"

Response: Grimaces slightly, nods head and thinks ("ba-deep")
by DUB October 05, 2004
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A term used to represent a profoundly obtuse statement, or a statement that is evasive and attempts to hide the ineptitude and laziness of the original speaker. See asshat
Comment: "So right after I told him it was not ready, he asked me if it was ready yet. I told him I had just told him it wasn't ready only a minute earlier and he said he just wanted to make sure we were 'being proactive' or something like that"
Response: " Oh man, badeep!"
Reply: "Totally"
by cheddy October 05, 2004
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