Kim doyoung the best dancer of the 4th generation, member of the most all rounder group in the world, the most beautiful and talented boy ever, known for his flirts, he is always saying that teumes are his princesses, stan doyoung stan treasure <33
Omg you’re so Kim Doyoung today!
by doyoung’s princess July 20, 2021
Top Dancer, Sweet, Prince-like who loves taking care of his princesses. He loves cooking and is very kind. He loves fashion and looks good in anything he wears. Someone who should be treasured and loved. He is precious and deserves the world.
Kim Doyoung loves his princesses. Everyone wants to be Kim Doyoung's princesses.
by Princess Meiko June 8, 2021
Kim Doyoung Treasure best boy! Have an Amazing dance move and facial expressions. King of mirror. Have a many baby princesses.
Kim Doyoung Treasure "Look at me before you go to sleep"
by Yunisushi June 9, 2021