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What goes around, comes around or karma
Person A: "I played a prank of my sister today, she was screaming and crying."
Person B: "Bachi going come around, watch."
by Robreezie October 14, 2006
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Girls from "Bachi" or Bachillerato Anáhuac (catholic high school located in México's wealthiest city, San Pedro, Garza García) who pretend to be religious, usually smoke and drink a lot, have lots of money and are really spoiled. They have a strongly hoarse voice, and spend all day gossiping. They go out every weekend with San Pedro's highest society.
It is the only Bachillerato Anáhuac high school in the country.
See also: C.E.C.V.A.C.

Boy: What school are you from?
Girl: I'm from Bachi...
Boy: Oh, never mind, you're spoiled.
by 12401b September 05, 2011
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a two legs specie in Pakistan which is found very rarely. the probability of finding this specie is comparatively higher in urban areas than rural area however a particular type ninja bachi could be found in rural areas as well.
yaar bhai nahin hai kisi bachi se setting kerwa de.

arey dada wooohhh dekh kya tight bachi ja rehi hai
by dj dada June 21, 2011
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Something or someone that's really cool and RAD
(Originated in oakville, ontario)
Boy1: Yo man, that shirt is hella bachi
Boy2: thanks dawg, I got it from black market in t dot
Boy1: sweet
by Ally mccfarlane May 20, 2014
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Bachi's literal meaning in urdu/hindi is child (female), but it is widely used as a word for girlfriend as a slang. It actually started with the movie 'Pyar kiya to darna kya' when arbaz Khan (Kajol's elder brother), used to call Kajol as 'bachi' in front of Salman khan and asked him to stay away from her. Since then the widely accepted word for cute girls became 'bachi' which later became a generic word for girlfriend.
Boy1 : Tu ne homework kia?
Boy2: Nahi.
Boy1: Bachi ki kasam kha
Boy2: Han kya hai, yele.
by southasianthings May 12, 2017
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