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When someone gets really mad to the point of tears mostly in a videogame
ETHAN DONT Babyrage its just minecraft
by nmac0707 July 11, 2019
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An emotion that occurs when one is extremely angry, but powerless to do anything about whatever is making them angry.
"Did you see that guy at the bar last night? He wanted to hit that dude so bad, but he was just full of baby rage so he couldn't."
by thesecondcontrecoup June 16, 2009
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Baby rage/baby raging is when someone throws a tantrum or gets mad at something in a video game, sometimes to the point of tears, and acts in manners similar to a small, angry child. The term comes from the twitch emote :babyrage:, featuring an angry baby.
Person 1: "Dude, he's maaddd baby raging in chat right now, are you guys seeing this ?"
Person 2: "Hey, Tom, how would you describe that in a twitch emote ?"
Tom: "I'd say...... baby rage."
by no, i think i will December 05, 2020
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When one is complaining and screaming in a similar manner to a young child
β€œDang Will had some serious baby rage in the discord chat when he lost the argument about swords”
by Williams tormentor October 24, 2020
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When someone gets really mad to the point of tears usually accuring in a video game.
"Isaiah stop being such a baby rage and use the definition right'
by FadedCloud January 29, 2020
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