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-proper noun
The name temporarily given to an unborn child until a name has been chosen by the parent(s). Often used by family and/or godparents to encourage the parent(s) to decide on a name.
1. I have some new names for Baby Fetus for you to consider, but I don't think you're going to like them.
2. Baby Fetus is a boy!
3. Baby Fetus is going to have the best godparents ever.
by AwesomedOne December 23, 2010
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What i enjoy for my breakfast. Often accompanied by a glass of milk. Some like it sauteed in a pan. I prefer it raw, but thats just me. Can be found in your local grocery store or Abortion Clinic (they're in the dumpsters).

Many celebritys such as Bob Barker and Paris Hilton eat baby fetuses and you should to!
Billy Jean: What'd ya have for breakfast this mornin?

Tom Spilchnor: Baby fetus and a cake.
by Senor.Cookies. October 02, 2009
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