The act of cummig into ones belly button and then slurping it up like a shot
When you need something to satisfy your thirst, take a baby shot
by Sack of Wine May 17, 2015
This shot is made with equal parts blue curacao, peach schnapps, and everclear.
"Dude want a bang-a-baby shot?"

"Um, maybe. Why is it called that"

"Cause it starts smooth, and then you regret it almost instantly"
by Dr Sahn October 12, 2009
One person takes a shot but doesn't swallow it. They then spit the shot into the mouth of the player receiving the baby bird shot.
guy 1: Bro last night Edward got so fucked up he did a baby bird shot
guy 2: Gross, who was the mama bird?
guy 1: It was Adam
guy 2: Damn, his brother?
guy 1: yep
by YourDadHannibal November 18, 2020
Baby Shit Shots is where you can't take an actual shot *Coughs.....Mitchell PokePack* Anyways Baby Shit Shots is where you don't know what a shot is so you barley put any alcohol in their glass or mouth. Mitchells are usually the worst ones at shots so Baby Shit Shots are most relatable to Mitchells xD Or just Mr. PokeePackk
"Mitchell why you always got to take some Baby Shit Shots."
by BroskiiiPotatooooo March 24, 2021