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A baby pancake is when a male ejaculates onto a flat surface, most commonly his partners stomach, his ejaculate would then be spread in a circular manner, dried , peeled off and sometimes put into a photo album, often given heroic names like "Robert Lee" or "nuther' baby that coulda' been"
Girl 1-Hey is that a photo album on your coffee table?
Girl 2-No, it's an album of all the potential children that my trailer trash boyfriend and I coulda had
Girl 1-That's pretty disturbing, but I do indeed suppose that it's a convenient birth control and memorable souvenir all in one.
Girl 2-You betsha!....It's just to bad the eagle (The Government) don't send extra welfare checks for potential children in the form of baby pancakes
by Cody Banks June 30, 2008
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another way of saying cool, nice , small
yo man your car is so baby pancakes
your girlfriend is baby pancakes in bed
wow u have baby pancakes nuts
that joke was baby pancakes
by jesse schulze July 10, 2008
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