Alternate spelling of 'video'. Actually a typo, but one made so commonly that by entering here in UD we can all pretend we meant to type it that way. If you really want to stick to your guns, you will need to find a way to say it aloud as 'vy-eh-do' to prove that you are not an idiot who insists on false being true, but instead are an idiot who would say 'vy-eh-do' out loud, and then have to defend your pronunciation when your equally idiot friends make fun of you yet again by saying it's pronounced 'vee-aye-do' with an emphasis on the second syllable, whereas you put emphasis on the first. It's OK though, we still love you. Even if you're an idiot among idiots for not just backspacing or saying 'my bad'.
I like cat viedo, especially the one where the kitten with the lime on his head is saying 'can i has steak'
by leftiger March 18, 2019
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