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The Babob is a traditional meal often eating during the late hours of the evening. It is not designated to any of the 3 main meal times, but more as a separate supper. In some way, it is seen as the fourth meal of the day in Kazakhstan and similar countries such as Romania. As you may have already predicted, the Babob was the main inspiration for kebabs becoming common takeaway food in the evening in Britain and other countries. The Babob, introduced into Kazakhstan by a neighbouring tribe leader, Alan Babob, produced the Babob to the residents of Kazakhstan. The Kazakh people were very pleased with the recipe, and asked him for the recipe. Alan, being surrounded by baboons in the tribe he used to live in, and hence inspiring his second name, told the people of Kazakhstan that the meat in the meal consisted of baboon meat. At the time, baboon meat was contraband in Kazakhstan, and the people threatened him. However, some people from Kazakhstan remembered his recipe, and altered it to use other meats, such as chicken, beef or even pigeon. The Babob is often hard to obtain nowadays, as it thrived during the early 19th century. However, the Babob can still be obtained in certain places, such as far east Romania and a large amount of Kazakhstan. Infact, if you venture far enough, you can find the Babob tribe situated south of Kazakhstan, that still creates Babobs to this day consisting of the restricted baboon meat.
The Babob tribe introduced the Babob to the Kazakh people back in the early 19th century!
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by Gerald Smalling February 20, 2018
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The humble yet legendary Babob originates from khazakhstan. It consists of many different meats, and is a type of kebab. Many people make this exquisite slab of meat from different animals, such as oinks (a special type of pigs from the OinkGang), chimpanzees, baboons, and dead pigeons. Many say it is the heart of khazakhstan. Many famous people enjoy this delicacy, such as Borat, Beech, and the creator or the babob himself; Alan Babob.
All hail the Khazakhstani God Alan Babob, for he has invented the most delicious dish on earth.
by It's me, Mr Beech! February 19, 2018
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