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BTG stands for "Behind the GIF." A BTG is typically a series of pictures that explains the how and why of popular GIFs.
Dude, I just saw the funniest BTG ever on Imgur!
by Pa0lo June 03, 2014
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BTG is the official abbreviation for BaraTittie Girls

The BTGS are a group of myspacers who dedicate a large amount of time in their lives to talking on Jack Barakat's comments.

They met many months ago on one faithful night...the night that Baratitties himself commented back.

And since then they have gained new members and become a close knit family, bound by their love for one hairy, silly, Lebanese man...JACK BARAKAT

now here are the BTG 10 Commandments

The 10 Baratties Girls Commandments.

1 If a hater starts something NO attacking/responding back. Completely ignore them.
2 Say the Jack prayer every night before you go to bed.
3 Never disparage Jack Barakat or any other member or affiliate with All Time Low.
4 Never go more than an hour without using the word "dick" in some way shape or form.
5 Harass Trace Cyrus and the rest of Metro GAYtion.
6 Know the boner song and my dick taste like applesauce song by heart.
7 Can not stop commenting Baratitties(unless he says so) after getting BTG title. If you do, title will be denounced.
8 You know and respect every btgs life goals, whether they're cr33py or not.
9 Love each of your fellow BTGs.
10 Don't be a bitch.

by lauraaaamarrieee March 01, 2009
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Acronym for "By the Gods".

Used instead of "OMG" for people who dislike the fact that such on over-used expression makes the user appear to have only one god.
John: Is that Karren?
Kelly: Btg, I think it is, let's go.
by NorsePagan June 19, 2011
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Jack: BTG!
Alex: What does that mean?
Jack: Baratitties Group.
Alex: Boys Tuck Girls.
Jack: Boys Touch Girls!
Alex: That's better. That's funnier.
Jack: It's a Boys Like Girls cover band.
by sommolmaniac May 30, 2010
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(beat them guts) poundin' your old ladies pussy
yo man! did you see that bitch....i'd love to beat them guts!
by brownie March 22, 2004
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Stands for Big Titties Girl, or Big Tatas Girls, and usually used to refer to a girl who's name is unknown. For a girl to truly be a BTG, her breasts must be large enough to be in-proportionate to the rest of her body.
Guy 1: Dude, check out that BTG
Guy 2: Wow, those are like bigger than her head.
by Will Masters October 16, 2009
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BTG: As in 'smoking weed' 'Smoking reefer' 'Smoking marijuana'
by mynamesmell September 01, 2010
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