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Simple. BTD= Bitches These Days. People need to understand the concept of this acronym and start the BTD movement. It all started when I was in a Dominos with my nigga Shariff... This Albanian guy came in to order a pie too (frankly I thought the nigga was gay, turns out he wasn't) and he was yelling at these 3 girls that he was with who were being dumb annoying bitches and his exact words were "can you bitches get in the car already!" and just shoved them out of Dominos. He looks over to me and my nigga Shariff (we were the only 2 other people in there) and shook his head (like some smh shit) and says to us "bitches these days", me and Shariff looked at each other and understood the concept right then and there... and that's where it all started BTD. Bitches These Days.
Me: My girlfriend bitches to me about the littlest things.
Shariff: She's just being a girl man.
Me: Nah, she's being a BTD*!

Yo, look at the dumb drunk bitch being mad loud and sloppy trying to get some dick in her. Fucking BTD*.

Me: You just knocked over my bong and broke it.
Girl: Ohhh Myy God I'm so sorryyyy (walks away like it's nothing)
Me: Fuckinggggg BTDDDDDDD
by scooooopp December 30, 2010
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