bicycle shaped object. a low quality unsafe bicycle, purchased at walmart or target. a crappy shitty bike. LAME.
Go get the hacksaw and lets dispose of this BSO.
by F.U.N.E.R. January 12, 2006
BSO is an Internet term,which is the abbreviation for bloody show off.It is frequently used in online forums when a poster is believed to show off himself.However,what needs to clarify is that any thread or reply can be said to be BSO as long as it is believed so.

Hibert: My budget is very limited right now and I have to save money now...the first thing is to travel less by my private jets.

John: BSO you have private jets!
by Yuka Osawa April 19, 2009
Banda de Sonido Original

Original Soundtrack in Spanish.
Yo Amigo! Usted consiguió "The Matrix" BSO?
by TheScaryOne March 24, 2004
The BSO (Bahpu's Spy Operators)

They are an elite force of spies who scavenge for enemies under Bahpu's rule

they are often hired for hits against Bahpu's enemies
GavZ: Whats your name!
Sald: Whats it to you!
GavZ: I'm part of the BSO! You're coming with me!
by B))))))) April 27, 2019
Bud Smokers Only crew originating amongst the degenerated youth of So. California who don't smoke nuttin but the dank.
Hey, no crack-rocks here, this is a BSO party.
by Jim D. September 27, 2006
Broward Sheriffs Office, a bunch of ass hole cops
damn the bso is everywhere today
by markjames3 July 8, 2010
Bright Shiny Object. Referring to any object or idea which is so utterly compelling that it can literally suck all reason and rationale from the mind. This is a common term in high technology. First usage may have been in connection with certain birds and their love of bright shiny objects (Crows?)
"Where the hell is Eugene and why hasn't he finished the code for this project?" "He's off chasing another BSO'".
by itripn November 14, 2005