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term used to describe a situation that has occured that u didnt like.

An imperversion of what u currently choose
"Wow the teacher wouldnt even accept my homework!"
"Man thats just a BS salad shes given u!"
"I know what a fuackin cunt!"
by HUTMAN93 October 02, 2008
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1. A skateboard trick in which a person grinds a rail with the back trucks in a slightly crooked fashion. (Backside salad grind)

2. When more than two people try to tell the same lie, in different places and time, thus butchering the original "B.S." into a "B.S. Salad"
1. Joe: Woah! Jake just landed a BS salad!

2. Girl: Where were you last night?
Guy: I was at Mike's house!
*Some time later*
Girl: Where was guy last night?
Mike: He was at Larry's house!
Girl: Funny, Guy said he was at YOUR house
Mike: Aaaauuughh! BS Salad!

by Mammoth Monk December 29, 2008
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