To fuck up the word contradiction. When someones jokes are so shit they're funny
by Dumbumrum May 7, 2018
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This means hes ewwww and i wanna annoy him.
This means joe brereton is a piece of poo who can't treat me right and has a hickey of charlie Robinson :) harry maddd !
by Randomakewords.x June 4, 2019
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A process of introducing a half time break to any large meals to allow previous food eaten in meal to begin to digest. Named after founder Edward Brereton, the break can be named after the surname of who ever is taking the break, for example, Joe Bloggs could have a Bloggs Break
'You gonna finish that big mac?', 'ye once I finished my Brereton Break'

'I'm going to save my potatoes for after my Brereton Break'
by Joe Falk February 21, 2010
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Chloe is a gay, not as small as mia, girl who loves boys with water. But is actually a very cool and awesome g
Chloe brereton is gay
by Not. Logan March 8, 2022
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