AKA a toilet.
Known for when you are puking in it.
“Yo Todd! I got so drunk last night I had to barf in a Bole?
“Did you HYPErBOLE!
by Jaemins Pink Hair January 9, 2020
The most badass, awesome, tough, scary, insane, jealous, great, moody, loud, non-sensitive, sexually hungry beast.

He is very caring for those close to him, but say one word to him and he will kick your ass.


Don't mess with this mother fucker.
Don't fuck with him, man. He'll pull a Boles on you!
by Awesome63 September 9, 2010
When a black mole appears on your back.
That wierd chinese kid named Christian had a bole on his back so therefore he had no friends.
by ATL69 May 25, 2010
The result of an over-inflated ego of a middle-aged, pasty man-child with a tendancy to wear baggy skater shorts and tee-shirts bearing 80's vintage video game and third-rate sci-fi movie art in a failed attempt to retain what was a painful and lonely youth. These "men" are prone to sweating profusely and tying their oily, thinning hair into what they call a man-bun.
SYNONYMS: Sissy-Mary, Nancy-Boy, Cock-Knocking Flaming Douche
Look at Robert; he's getting older and fatter every time I see him. It won't be long until he turns into a real "Boles".
by d.u.c.baggins August 16, 2018