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Meme lingo for bodacious. If your cat is a little overweight, it's okay, because now he can become a pure and wholesome meme by zooming in on his kitty face and typing "BODE" in large font without any other context.
Friend: Dude, your cat is seriously overweight!
Me: Excuse me, Mr.Pickles is bodacious AF.
Me: Don't listen to him, Pickles, he's just jealous.
Mr. Pickles: BODE.
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by Caprikitten November 30, 2016
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A meme that refers to a tumblr user dreaming about a new meme that Bode meant bodacious. This meme is applied to mostly cats and cat-like creatures.
I love the BODE meme since I can look at fat cats.
by mremo-ji November 30, 2016
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(memeology) Shorthand for bodacious, used to refer to a very fat cat or kitten.
The term originates from one Tumblr user's post involving a dream in which a meme involving the word "BODE" plastered upon pictures zoomed into fat cats became commonplace, and thereafter, the community's efforts to replicate that as a real meme to the point where it did become relatively commonplace as such.
Look at that plump little kitty! What a bode fellow.
by Dumblesnore November 30, 2016
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Be sign of something: To be a particular indication of something that is about to happen.
This does not bode well for the future of the organization.
by Jafje March 31, 2007
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A bode is a person that is extremely good at fortnite. He will win 10 times in a row with out ever even knowing it. He will pick up a pistol and kill his whole squad and win the game with just that pistol against all squads. He will win with 1 health only.
"Damn dude, that guy is such a bode"

"Woah! He's Bodeing out!"
by Chrestopppi March 05, 2018
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verb: to bode

The act of being hungover at ones job after a night of excessive alcohol consumption. Thus under-preforming and/or accoimplishing nothing productive for an entire business day.
Dude, I am totaly bodeing today.
by Jundicator April 01, 2008
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