Meme lingo for bodacious. If your cat is a little overweight, it's okay, because now he can become a pure and wholesome meme by zooming in on his kitty face and typing "BODE" in large font without any other context.
Friend: Dude, your cat is seriously overweight!
Me: Excuse me, Mr.Pickles is bodacious AF.
Me: Don't listen to him, Pickles, he's just jealous.
Mr. Pickles: BODE.
by Caprikitten December 1, 2016
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Jeff “people call me BODE it’s because of my BIg Ole Dick Energy
by The real bode September 13, 2018
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A meme that refers to a tumblr user dreaming about a new meme that Bode meant bodacious. This meme is applied to mostly cats and cat-like creatures.
I love the BODE meme since I can look at fat cats.
by mremo-ji December 1, 2016
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1. Scoreboard, as in you or your team kicked the crud out of an opponent.

2. Getting the best of someone in a flame war on the internet.
When your team is winning and an away fan is being obnoxious, just point to the Scoreboard and say... "BODE!".

When in a flame war, even if you are completely flailing, just claim "BODE!" and declare yourself winner.
by Miss Conduct June 22, 2006
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(memeology) Shorthand for bodacious, used to refer to a very fat cat or kitten.
The term originates from one Tumblr user's post involving a dream in which a meme involving the word "BODE" plastered upon pictures zoomed into fat cats became commonplace, and thereafter, the community's efforts to replicate that as a real meme to the point where it did become relatively commonplace as such.
Look at that plump little kitty! What a bode fellow.
by Dumblesnore December 1, 2016
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The name Bode is a great name most Bodes have big dicks and are very nice funny and our going also Bodes are the best person in a friend group at all times
Bode is such great guy, have you seen Bodes dick it’s like 13 inches
by Simp not February 15, 2020
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To get Rolled. When you are in the middle of something important and then be interrupted by someone. To Stand around scoping out an certain area. To waste time.
To unload all your work onto someone else.
Ahh Shit, I just got Boded, now I have to start over.
by TheInfamousOneTwo January 22, 2009
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