A personality cult surrounding the various people around the inner core of the social construct.
"bmr's almost like the chinese communists. They adore their dictators while thinking they're all equal!"
by camphor August 22, 2004
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BMR can also be recognised as Black Magic Ray. BMR name typically given when one encounters a mysterious 'dark horse' generally at a frat party, festival or concert. He will only be granted this name if he manages to steal a kiss from virigin lips.
Girl 1: Have you seen Black Magic Ray Tonight?
Boy 1: Yeah he's on the bed hooking up with Abby
Girl 1: Good ol BMR
by just sum banta January 18, 2017
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bmr, or B.M.R. is the acronym for a gaming clan on Gameranger. The initials stand for Bugger Me Relentlessly, which is a sexual pun in the gay community, of whom all in the clan must be a member.
"are you a member of bmr?"

"are you kidding me? Bugger Me Relentlessly! You should join too, boyfriend!"
by neil2 May 30, 2008
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Buff My Rectum...
Lemme gess, kanu invented that :o:o
BMR is quite known in the world of Gameranger and will be, but bcn will rule for ever ;o

Bcn is way better, cuz it means Beacon
bmr: "Buff my rectum"
bcn: "imma make me some beacon"
Evill: "Poedl, do you want to get banned again?"
Poedl: "no, sir"
by SupaSnoedl March 02, 2006
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What bmr is, is difficult to understand at first glance. It's a phenomenon that can be described as an awe inspiring success story, especially among less intelligent people without the inclination to understand such complicated evolutions. Others may see it as less of a success story and more of a natural development.
What cannot be argued is that bmr is and stands to be one of the, if not the, greatest of them all.
There were a few of them bmr's around here earlier, I felt worthless in the presence of their aura... I almost couldn't breathe.
by campari January 04, 2006
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