Acronym for Bergen County Meet of Champions, the wildest cross country race in Bergen County, NJ. This historic race has bred runners such as Pat Rono, Nick Ward, John Prizzi, and Bobby Corcoran
Scott: "Damn did you see Nick kill it at bmoc?"
Riles: "Yeah, he really destroyed the competition."
Scot: "Too bad Bobby will break his PR next year."
by Nutmeg'sfather123 October 29, 2011
BMOC, or "Big Man on Campus" usually refers to Nate Landry, a student at OIT who dominates at all forms of life.
Lets go roll out with BMOC so people think we are cool
by David Vranizan January 8, 2005
Biggest Man on Campus: It's like Big Man on Campus BUT bigger
Me: Who's that?
Friend: That's Gianluca.
Me: Is he the BMOC?
Friend: No... He's the BOMC
by =-] January 6, 2018