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An acronym for 'Breaks My Heart'
It really BMH to see you go!</3

All this bad news i've been hearing in the world lately just BMH.

Jess: My kitten had to go to the vet today
Sarah: Aww, BMH<3 Hope everything works out!
by daisies7 November 15, 2010
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Baby Makin' Hips. If a girls got huge hips, she's got BMH.
Damn that girl 'Nessa got some hot BMH!
by Jons Lover October 21, 2005
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Banging My Head

when something someone says just makes you want to BMH
A: yo, so today, I found out that Helen's going out with Jaron!

B: they've been together for 2 years...

A: oh...

by woahitsdavid June 30, 2010
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Man! That chick we met at the bar said she wasn’t hungry; however, when she ate my last steak I realized she’s a BMH (BIG MOMMAS HOUSE)!
by D.ONE.HILEY September 10, 2011
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Broke My Hip

Used by elderly hipsters trying to be "cool" again.
Queen Lizzie: I was LOLing so hard that I almost BMH. Broke My Hip. BMH you can use it
by Correctlyspelledwelldun April 08, 2011
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A true master of the hot corner and David Wrights inspiration to live. Can hit the baseball farther then anyone on in the western hemisphere.
he made five errors today--obviously not bmh
by afirth September 15, 2010
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